Thursday, May 5, 2011

Obama Video which annouced the death of Osama

These are the moments in which Obama announced the death of Osama bin Laden.

Watch and Listen now!!!

Osama murder 2 people reap the Dutch public criticism

Amsterdam - At the time of the world people celebrate the death of Osama, 2 Dutch people actually just do the opposite. They condemned the act of the United States president (Obama). They assess, act American presien it was an act of murder. Because they think that should bin Laden is not killed, but were arrested and later in court.

Some criticized the United States President Barack Obama following the death of Osama bin Laden due to the invasion of U.S. troops into Pakistan. Even two Dutch citizens trying to report on Obama to the local police station for the murder of Osama.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

News Angels took to the Kaaba?

News Angels took to the Kaaba?Jibrik angel, angel of death, weird news, videon angel,

Whether true or not, disebuah online site "youtube" at the news that there is a light that resembles the angels come down to the temple, many people who argue that this is just engineering video course, How about you?

Five-legged Ox,

Five-legged Ox,

The news of a calf that has five legs really surprised people many, this peculiar incident happened in Boyolali 2 years ago. A calf is rumored to have legs as much as five pieces, but strangely, this cow is fine now. Curious is not it? please see the video. check this out

Indonesian parliament building new Controversies

Jakarta :

Who does not know with this warm story. Amid the crisis that hit Indonesia, Chairman of the United Development Party DPP Suryadharma Ali said the new parliament building valued at Rp1, 1 trillion is too expensive because based on the calculation of PPP costs to build a new building was only about RP537 billion.

Monday, December 27, 2010

AFF Cup 2010 History ASEAN Football, or be

ASEAN Football, or better known as the ASEAN Football Championship, formerly the Tiger Cup (Tiger Cup), is an international football championship between the countries in Southeast Asia. The tournament is organized by the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF).The name comes from a long championship sponsor is a beer company in Singapore, Tiger Beer. In 2007, the name of this championship into ASEAN Football Championship, and in 2008, changed again into AFF Suzuki Cup.
At first Tiger Cup began in 1996 in Singapore. At that time Thailand champion won after defeating Malaysia with a score of 1-0.The next Tiger Cup which took place in Vietnam gave birth to a controversial incident in which the preliminary round, in an effort to avoid a meeting hosted by Vietnam in the next round, Indonesia and Thailand playing negative football because they do not have the desire to win. When the score was still 2-2 towards the end of the match, defender Indonesia Murshid Effendi deliberately scored an own goal by kicking the ball into his own net to score a 3-2 victory for Thailand. Both teams eventually fined for having "destroyed the spirit of football" and Murshid himself banned from playing in international football for life.The next champion in 1998 is Singapore beat Vietnam in the final round and two Tiger Cup (2000 & 2002) was won by Thailand in the next row.Since 2004, the semi-finals and finals held Tiger Cup with an away-cage system. In this year also for the first time Tiger Cup held in two countries. In addition, the Tiger Cup this time also noted participation of Timor Leste in this championship for the first time.ASEAN Football Championship 2007 held in Singapore and Thailand and back dijuarai Singapore.
Here is a long historical record Pialas Tiger / AFF
Top scorer1996 7 goals Natipong Sritong-In (Thailand)1998 four goals Myo Hlaing Win (Myanmar)2000 5 goals Fat Dony Christiawan (Indonesia) and Worrawoot Srimaka (Thailand)2002 8 goals Bambang Pamungkas (Indonesia)2004 7 goals Ilham Jaya Kesuma (Indonesia)2007 10 goals Mohd Noh Alam Shah (Singapore)2008 4 goals Budi Sudarsono (Indonesia), Agu Casmir (Singapore), and Teerasil Dangda (Thailand)
Who won this in 2010?

Final AFF Suzuki Cup Leg 1 (Indonesia-Malaysia)

Fiala AFF Suzuki. The laser beam from supporters of Malaysia in the first match of the AFF Cup final at the Bukit Jalil blamed the Indonesian national team participated damaging concentration. But the Red and White fans would not reciprocate in Gelora Bungkarno.

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